Apple Foldable Screen: Unveiling in 2025

apple foldable screen

Contrary to recent speculations about Apple abandoning the concept of folding devices, a fresh supply chain report suggests that the tech giant is actively engaged in developing a groundbreaking foldable iPad or MacBook featuring a flexible screen, expected to debut in 2025 or beyond.

While rumors surrounding the possibility of an iPhone Fold have circulated since the advent of Samsung’s foldable range, recent conflicting reports have surfaced, suggesting Apple may be exploring alternatives such as two iPhone fold prototypes, a potential folding iPad, or even scrapping the idea altogether.

The latest insights from Digitimes, drawing from its supply chain sources, shed light on the ongoing developments in the design of this innovative device, dismissing any notions of it being an iPhone. While the exact stage of the design process remains unclear, there are indications that it is progressing toward completion, with plans for mass production already in motion.

The report emphasizes that the upcoming foldable device is likely to be either an iPad or a MacBook Pro, offering a fresh perspective on Apple’s product roadmap. While this revelation doesn’t necessarily debunk the existence of two iPhone fold prototypes, Digitimes asserts that the work on foldable devices has not been abandoned or shelved.

Known for its reliable supply chain sources but a less accurate track record in predicting Apple’s plans and timelines, Digitimes anticipates that the foldable device may not hit the market before 2025, aligning with a prior December 2023 report that hinted at Samsung reorganizing to meet Apple’s demand for foldable screens.

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