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Embarking on the gaming journey with the Apple Vision Pro reveals a world of possibilities beyond initial expectations. The convergence of cloud gaming and online alternatives opens up a diverse gaming landscape, allowing enthusiasts to delve into titles not originally designed for this cutting-edge headset.

Within Apple’s expansive ecosystem, a treasure trove of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS games awaits. However, the same cannot be said for Apple’s latest innovation, the Apple Vision Pro, which debuted with a limited selection of native gaming experiences.

Diving into Native Gaming Experiences

While Apple Arcade introduces some titles compatible with the Apple Vision Pro, featuring augmented reality or virtual reality elements, the offering remains modest compared to the extensive Apple Arcade catalog and the broader VR gaming spectrum.

Despite the initial scarcity of gaming options, avenues to enjoy games on the mixed-reality headset persist. For those with an extensive game collection, the Apple Vision Pro interface opens doors to playing familiar titles.

Streaming gameplay over networks or online platforms becomes a pivotal method, a practice established in console gaming, such as PlayStation streaming to Mac or iPad. This concept seamlessly extends to the Apple Vision Pro, providing access to beloved games, albeit without the full VR experience.

Embarking on Your Apple Vision Pro Gaming Adventure

Game Controllers for Apple Vision Pro

The transition from console gaming on Apple devices to utilizing the Apple Vision Pro as a portable display involves overcoming a hardware obstacle—acquiring game controllers. The connectivity of Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch controllers to the Apple Vision Pro via Bluetooth simplifies the process.

PlayStation controller

Alternatively, MFi game controllers offer a budget-friendly option for those seeking an alternative to pricier console controllers. With the hardware in place, exploring software options becomes the next exciting step.

Nexus Browser: Breaking Free from Constraints

Historical challenges between Apple and cloud gaming services necessitate a workaround via web browsers. While iOS 17.4 promises improved integration, current circumstances dictate the use of browsers supporting game streaming.

Enter Nexus, a frameless browser by Chen Zhang, designed to display progressive web apps on the Apple Vision Pro. Through Nexus, users can access cloud gaming services seamlessly. A GitHub demonstration showcases successful access to GeForce Now via the browser.

The high-resolution displays of the Apple Vision Pro elevate the streaming experience for GeForce Now Ultimate members, supporting a stunning 4K resolution. However, caution is advised regarding potential visual glitches in Safari’s WebRTC implementation at 4K 120Hz, with 60FPS gameplay serving as a more stable alternative.

Nexus isn’t limited to GeForce Now; it facilitates Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing Xbox owners to leverage Better xCloud for Remote Play with their home consoles. Zhang offers valuable advice on troubleshooting game controller events within the opinionated visionOS environment.

Available as a free download from the App Store, Nexus empowers Apple Vision Pro users to explore cloud gaming possibilities.

MirrorPlay: Elevating Console Streaming

Console gamers may favor dedicated apps over browsers, and MirrorPlay emerges as a compelling choice. Florian Gill’s alternative to the PS Remote Play app supports visionOS, ensuring compatibility with the Apple Vision Pro.

Trials conducted by AppleInsider demonstrate MirrorPlay’s excellence, delivering a cleaner 1080p 60fps streaming experience compared to viewing the actual screen. This app proves especially valuable for multi-screen gaming setups, seamlessly streaming games from the PlayStation 5 to the Apple Vision Pro.

Available for free download from the App Store, MirrorPlay offers in-app purchases unlocking additional features for $5.99.

Moonlight: Unleashing PC Gaming

PC gamers with substantial Steam libraries find a gaming haven in Moonlight, enabling Steam Link-style streaming to the Apple Vision Pro over home networks. This app transforms the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV into platforms for remotely playing PC games.

While Moonlight doesn’t support VR games on the Apple Vision Pro, it extends compatibility to virtually any other PC game. The open-source nature of Moonlight, available on GitHub, promises ongoing improvements, with a visionOS-specific port in development.

The App Store listing highlights visionOS support for the main app, signaling enhanced compatibility with Apple’s headset.

AfterPlay: Rediscovering Retro Gaming

For enthusiasts yearning to revive retro gaming experiences, traditional emulation on the Apple Vision Pro faces challenges. AfterPlay emerges as a promising alternative, offering a browser-based emulation service compatible with Nexus, ensuring seamless use on various Apple devices.

gameboy advance

Understanding the legalities of emulation is crucial, and AfterPlay adheres to generally accepted practices—emulating consoles is permissible if owning the original hardware and game media. This service supports Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Super Nintendo emulators, fostering cross-device functionality with syncing capabilities.

AfterPlay’s free edition provides access to a range of emulators, while the premium version, priced at $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year, unlocks additional games and features.

As the Apple Vision Pro unfolds its potential, it’s crucial to acknowledge the current scarcity of gaming options. The outlined methods offer a bridge to diverse gaming experiences, utilizing the Apple Vision Pro to showcase gameplay from various platforms.

While Apple initially focuses on aspects other than gaming for the Apple Vision Pro, the high-spec graphic goggles hold promise for a significant presence in the gaming realm. As the headset gains traction, developers are likely to explore robust support, gradually expanding the gaming landscape.

The evolving landscape also sparks optimism for cloud gaming services, potentially introducing native apps to the Apple Vision Pro as Apple’s rules evolve. The future could see the headset seamlessly integrating with a myriad of gaming applications.

In conclusion, despite Apple’s primary emphasis on non-gaming aspects, the Apple Vision Pro offers a glimpse into the exciting future of immersive gaming experiences.

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