Apple Vision Pro Now Boasts Over 1,000 Native Apps

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Developers faced a tight window to create apps for Apple Vision Pro hardware before its February 2 launch, resulting in a gradual rollout of about 11 days to achieve 1,000 native apps on the visionOS App Store.

Prior to the Apple Vision Pro launch, concerns lingered about the availability of native experiences. Initial estimates in January suggested around 150 apps, but this number rapidly expanded to 600 by February 2.

As of February 13, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Greg Joswiak, revealed that the number of visionOS native apps has surpassed 1,000. Additionally, the count of compatible iPhone and iPad apps has risen to over 1.5 million.

A native visionOS app is tailored for the operating system, featuring large targets for eye tracking, glass-like frames, and interactive menus around a window referred to as ornaments.

Compatible apps run in a flat 2D window, viewable in portrait or landscape, mirroring their appearance on iPad or iPhone devices.

However, with the limited app selection, the visionOS 1.0 App Store is relatively basic. There are few categories available, and discovering apps beyond the featured categories on the main page can be a challenge.

Given that Apple Vision Pro is currently exclusive to the United States, it’s expected that many popular apps won’t receive updates for visionOS until the hardware becomes globally accessible.


Q: How long did it take for Apple Vision Pro to reach 1,000 native apps?

A: The gradual rollout of native apps for Apple Vision Pro took approximately 11 days after its February 2 launch.

Q: What is the significance of a native visionOS app?

A: A native visionOS app is specifically designed for the operating system, incorporating features like large targets for eye tracking, glass-like frames, and interactive menus.

Q: Are the compatible apps on Apple Vision Pro the same as on iPhone and iPad?

A: Yes, compatible apps on Apple Vision Pro have increased to over 1.5 million, sharing compatibility with iPhone and iPad devices.

Q: Why is the app selection on visionOS 1.0 relatively basic?

A: The initial release of visionOS 1.0 features a limited number of categories and apps, making the App Store relatively basic. Future updates may enhance the selection.

Q: When can we expect global accessibility for Apple Vision Pro?

A: As of now, Apple Vision Pro is exclusive to the United States, and the timeline for global accessibility is yet to be announced.

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