iPhone 16 Series Rumors

iphone 16 rumor

With the recent spotlight on Apple’s Vision Pro headset, one might think iPhone rumors are scarce. Not the case! Leaks about the iPhone 16 series suggest a significant 2024 upgrade. Here’s a summary of key rumors:

iPhone 16 Camera Rumors

  1. Vertical Camera Layout: iPhone 16 base models could feature a vertical camera setup for Spatial Video recording.
  2. Micro-Lens Technology: Apple considering micro-lens technology for OLED displays in iPhone 16 to enhance brightness and reduce power consumption.
  3. Super Telephoto Camera: iPhone 16 Pro Max could debut a super telephoto periscope camera for increased optical zoom.
  4. Ultra Wide Lens Upgrade: iPhone 16 Pro models expected to have a 48MP Ultra Wide lens for improved low-light photography.
  5. Tetraprism Lens: iPhone 16 Pro models may feature a tetraprism lens for 5x optical zoom.

Hardware Rumors

  1. Expanded Storage: iPhone 16 Pro models may offer double the maximum storage capacity, reaching 2TB.
  2. Increased Memory: iPhone 16 and 16 Plus rumored to feature 8GB of RAM for improved multitasking performance.
  3. Faster Wi-Fi Support: iPhone 16 Pro models may get Wi-Fi 7, offering faster speeds and improved connectivity.
  4. New AXX Series Chips: A18 Pro chip with TSMC’s 3nm process expected, while iPhone 16 and 16 Plus may have A17 chips.
  5. 5G Qualcomm Modem: iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max likely to feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X75 modem for improved 5G speeds.
  6. Upgraded Microphone: Improved microphone for enhanced Siri experience in the iPhone 16.
  7. Battery Changes: Rumors of larger batteries for iPhone 16 and Pro Max, while the iPhone 16 Plus might see reduced capacity.

Design Rumors

  1. Larger Displays: iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max may sport 6.27- and 6.86-inch displays, the largest ever for iPhones.
  2. Capture Button: All iPhone 16 models may introduce a dedicated “Capture Button” with enhanced features.
  3. Action Button: The Action Button, featured in iPhone 15 Pro models, may be expanded to standard iPhone 16 models in 2024.
  4. New Thermal Design: Graphene thermal system and metal battery casings for reduced overheating in the iPhone 16 lineup.

Software Rumors

  1. Generative AI: iPhone 16 rumored to introduce generative AI features, enhancing Siri and other functionalities.

Stay tuned for more details as the iPhone 16 series launch approaches in September. For in-depth coverage, follow the provided links to our dedicated roundups on Mac-User.

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