Apple Updates Vintage and Obsolete Products List

Apple Obsolete List

Welcome to the latest update on Apple Obsolete Product List. Today, we’ll delve into the recent changes made by Apple, affecting some of its iconic products. Let’s explore the shifts in status and what they mean for users.

iPhone 5s

Starting with the iPhone 5s, it has officially transitioned into the “obsolete” category globally. This designation means that both Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers will no longer provide repairs or hardware services for this device. According to Apple’s policy, a product becomes “obsolete” after a period of seven years has elapsed since its last distribution for sale.

The iPhone 5s made its debut in September 2013, boasting revolutionary features such as the Touch ID fingerprint sensor integrated into its Home button. Additionally, it introduced the A7 chip, marking Apple’s foray into 64-bit architecture for iPhones.

iPod touch and iMac

Moving on to the next updates, both the sixth-generation iPod touch and the late 2015 iteration of the 21.5-inch iMac featuring a Retina 4K display are now classified as “vintage” products. This classification indicates that more than five years have passed since Apple ceased their distribution for sale. While repairs for vintage products will still be available for an additional two years through Apple Stores and Authorized Service Providers, this is contingent upon the availability of necessary parts.

The sixth-generation iPod touch hit the market in 2015, serving as the penultimate model of its line before Apple ultimately discontinued the iPod touch series in 2022. These changes reflect Apple’s ongoing commitment to product support and service as it navigates the lifecycle of its devices.

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Apple Obsolete Product List: FAQ

1. What does it mean for a product to be classified as “obsolete” by Apple?

When Apple designates a product as “obsolete,” it indicates that neither Apple Stores nor Apple Authorized Service Providers will offer repairs or hardware services for that device. This classification typically occurs after seven years have passed since the product’s last distribution for sale.

2. How long can vintage products still receive repairs?

Vintage products, unlike obsolete ones, may still receive repairs for up to two additional years through Apple Stores and Authorized Service Providers. However, this is subject to the availability of necessary parts.

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