OmniFocus 4 for Apple Vision Pro

OmniFocus 4 for Apple Vision Pro

The highly popular OmniFocus 4 task app has made its way to yet another Apple platform, now catering to Apple Vision Pro users. OmniGroup, the developers behind the app, has announced the release of OmniFocus 4.1, specifically designed for the immersive experience of Apple’s mixed reality headset.

OmniFocus 4 for Apple Vision Pro

OmniFocus 4 Now Available for Apple Vision Pro

OmniFocus 4.1 is now live on the App Store, bringing task management capabilities to the world of visionOS. Users of Apple Vision Pro can now enjoy the familiar features of OmniFocus, seamlessly integrated into their mixed reality environment. This native version retains all the functionalities of its iOS and macOS counterparts, including recent updates introduced with OmniFocus.

The latest version introduces a refreshed layout for quick access to item details, improved organization options, intuitive navigation controls, and expanded sharing capabilities. Leveraging the spatial features of visionOS, OmniFocus for Apple Vision Pro offers floating bars and a translucent background, enhancing the immersive experience for users.

OmniFocus 4.1 for Apple Vision Pro fully supports the advanced functionalities introduced in OmniFocus 4.0, tailored to the unique spatial interface of the platform. Badge counts now elegantly hover over the Perspectives Bar in three-dimensional space, while the Inspector and essential buttons are strategically positioned outside the application window for easy access.

Cross-Platform Purchase and Future Updates

For existing OmniFocus users, the transition to the Vision Pro app is seamless, as it is included as part of the cross-platform purchase. This means users can enjoy OmniFocus on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch without additional costs. Looking ahead, OmniFocus teases upcoming features in version 4.2, including enhanced outline performance on iPhone and iPad, as well as simplified installation of Omni Automation plug-ins via Install Link.

With OmniFocus 4.1 now available for Apple Vision Pro, users can elevate their productivity to new heights in the immersive world of mixed reality.

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