iPhone Fold is on the Horizon, But Release is Still Years Away

iPhone Fold

Apple’s much-anticipated foldable iPhone remains a hot topic, yet analysts predict that Apple’s entry into the foldable smartphone market won’t occur until at least 2027. While competitors like Samsung have already launched foldable devices, Apple has taken a more cautious approach with it’s iPhone Fold. Despite this, speculation about an impending release continues, supported by consistent analyst opinions.

Market Projections for Foldable Devices

According to a Monday report from TrendForce on the foldable smartphone market, foldable devices could capture 5% of the market by 2028. The report primarily focuses on companies like Samsung and Huawei but does mention Apple.

“Rumors about Apple entering the foldable phone market continue to circulate,” TrendForce states, acknowledging the persistent speculation. The analysts believe Apple is actively working on the iPhone Fold concept.

Apple is “still evaluating component specification and performance, with strict requirements for crease and reliability,” according to the note.

iPhone Fold: Speculated Release Timeline

The report suggests that Apple is “unlikely to release a foldable phone before 2027,” aligning with some of the existing rumors. A speculative March report claimed a fourth-quarter 2026 launch was delayed to early 2027.

Around the same time, a market researcher suggested at a conference that foldable devices from Apple would be “later than expected,” predicting a 2026 launch. Another February report hinted at a foldable iPad replacing the iPad mini, potentially arriving in 2026 or 2027.

There have even been claims that Apple has abandoned the foldable phone concept entirely.

Skepticism Surrounding Foldable iPhone Rumors

However, given the track record of previous rumors about a foldable iPhone, skepticism is warranted. For instance, in 2022, predictions were made about a 2024 release, but those have since been dismissed.

TrendForce also notes that Apple’s entry “could significantly shift market dynamics” for foldable devices. Considering Apple’s influence in the smartphone industry, this is likely true once Apple finally releases foldable hardware.

iPhone Fold: Ongoing Development and Innovation

It is widely believed that Apple is actively developing the concept, with at least two folding prototypes in existence. Numerous patents detail Apple’s work on protecting the iPhone Fold and improving the hinge design, among other innovations.

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