Create Personalized WhatsApp Stickers on iPhone

In the world of instant messaging, stickers provide a dynamic way to express emotions. WhatsApp introduces a custom sticker creation tool for iPhone users running iOS 17 or later, offering advanced customization options. Learn how to use these new tools for personalized sticker creation.

How to Create a WhatsApp Sticker

  1. Open a WhatsApp chat and tap the sticker tray icon in the text field.
  2. Tap the big + button to create a sticker.
  3. Choose an image from your gallery to transform into a sticker.
  4. Customize your sticker by selecting a cutout shape, inserting text, emoji, or other stickers, and using drawing tools for personal touches.
  5. When finished, tap the Send button in the bottom-right corner.

Note: Created stickers are automatically saved in the sticker tray for later use.

How to Edit a WhatsApp Sticker

  1. To edit an existing sticker, go to the sticker tray.
  2. Find the sticker you wish to modify, then long-press on it.
  3. Select the option to edit the sticker.

If you don’t have your iPhone handy, you can use WhatsApp for the web to create stickers, though the app usually provides a smoother experience.

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