Apple Vision Pro Interest Decline at Retail Stores

Apple Vision Pro Interest Decline

Apple’s Vision Pro, a $3,500 spatial computing marvel, is experiencing a notable decline in customer interest, echoing trends in the AR/VR industry.

Apple Vision Pro Interest Decline

Mark Gurman’s recent insights reveal a cooling of excitement since the Vision Pro’s U.S. debut in February 2024. Demand for in-store demos and sales has sharply dropped.

“Interest in demos has taken a nosedive. Many appointments are being made but often end up as no-shows. Sales have plummeted from a few units per day to just a handful in an entire week.”

Broader Industry Challenge

This decline reflects a broader challenge faced by VR technology – sustaining user engagement beyond the initial novelty phase.

User Experience Impact

Gurman notes a decrease in his daily interactions with the Vision Pro, attributing it to the cumbersome setup process and the lack of compelling content.

Need for a “Killer App”

The Vision Pro seems to lack a “killer app” that would captivate users and keep them coming back for more. This absence of compelling software experiences is contributing to the decline in interest surrounding the device. Without a standout application that showcases the full potential of the Vision Pro, consumers are less inclined to invest in the device. Additionally, competitors in the AR/VR space are offering more enticing content, further diminishing the Vision Pro’s appeal.

Apple’s Challenge

Apple still faces the significant task of evolving the Vision Pro into a must-have device for everyday use.

Apple Vision Pro Interest Decline: Recent Updates

Despite improvements in visionOS, many of Apple’s own apps are still not optimized for the device’s operating system.

Apple’s recent addition of Spatial Personas aims to enhance the user experience by creating a virtual environment where users feel like they’re in the same room as others.

Apple Vision Pro Interest Decline: Future Prospects

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will produce fewer than 400,000 Vision Pro headsets in 2024 due to manufacturing complexities.

Rumors suggest a more affordable version of the Apple Vision Pro is slated for release in 2025, along with plans to reach new markets later this year.

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