M4 Benchmark Score Showed Up On Geekbench

M4 Benchmark

The latest iPad Pro models boasting the cutting-edge M4 chip have undergone rigorous benchmark testing on Geekbench, unveiling the significant leap in performance compared to their predecessors, including the M3, M2, and other older Apple silicon chips.

M4 Benchmark: Performance Metrics

Equipped with a 10-core M4 processor, the new iPad Pro showcased an impressive average single-core score of 3,695 and an average multi-core score of 14,550 across ten comprehensive benchmarks. This marks a substantial advancement in speed and efficiency over the M3 and even rivals the performance of the previous generation’s M2 chip.


In terms of single-core performance, the M4 surpasses even the M3 Max MacBook Pro, while its multi-core capabilities align closely with those of the M2 Max. Here’s a breakdown of the single-core and multi-core scores for various chips:

  • M4: 3,695/14,550
  • A17 Pro: 2,908/7,234
  • M2: 2,540/9,360
  • M2 Pro: 2,651/14,295
  • M2 Max: 2,802/14,800
  • M1: 2,272/8,208
  • M3: 3,087/11,702
  • M3 Pro: 3,112/15,286
  • M3 Max: 3,128/20,957

Compared to the previous ‌iPad Pro‌ models featuring the M2 chip, the M4 showcases a remarkable 46% increase in single-core performance and a staggering 55% boost in multi-core performance. Although the M3 wasn’t utilized in iPads, the M4 outpaces it by up to 24%.


Apple’s claim of the M4 delivering up to 1.5 times faster CPU performance than the M2 in the prior-generation iPad Pro is corroborated by the benchmark results. This leap in performance sets a new standard for iPad Pro users, promising enhanced speed and responsiveness across various tasks.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Apple intends to integrate the M4 chip family into all its products throughout 2024 and 2025, with the inaugural M4 Macs slated for release later this year. This heralds an exciting era of unparalleled performance and efficiency across the Apple ecosystem.

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