iPhone 16 Rumor: Vertical Stacked Cameras for Spatial Video

iphone 16 camera rumor 2

Uncover the latest buzz about the iPhone 16 rumor, which revolves around the potential inclusion of vertically stacked cameras. This design tweak sparks anticipation for advanced Spatial Video capabilities, adding an intriguing dimension to the upcoming release.

A new leaked part, rumored to be from the iPhone 16, has surfaced, providing additional support to existing speculations regarding vertically stacked cameras. This design feature is believed to enhance the capability for shooting Spatial Video.

On Friday, both reliable and questionable leaker Majin Bu shared images, claiming them to be the camera module of Apple’s yet-to-be-announced iPhone 16.

iphone 16 camera rumor

Despite Majin Bu’s mixed track record, this rumor aligns with information we received earlier. In May 2023, a leak from a more trustworthy source, Unknownz21, also hinted at the same vertical camera layout.

Further reinforcing the speculation, December renders of the iPhone 16 showcased a similar vertical camera positioning. The reintroduction of vertical cameras to standard iPhones is anticipated, particularly for Spatial Video capture.

Spatial Video capture enables users to record 3D videos that can be experienced on Apple Vision Pro. Currently, this feature is limited to the iPhone 15 Pro.

This rumor is categorized as “possible,” not solely due to the source but also because of a series of preceding rumors consistently pointing towards the same conclusion. Majin Bu, although occasionally accurate, tends to be more often incorrect. The last iPhone model with a vertical camera was the iPhone 12 family.

In conclusion, the speculations surrounding the iPhone 16’s vertically stacked cameras and Spatial Video capabilities create excitement and anticipation among tech enthusiasts. As more details emerge, stay tuned for the latest updates on this captivating iPhone 16 rumor.

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