Apple Suspends Development on Vision Pro 2

Vision Pro 2

Apple has reportedly paused the development of its Vision Pro 2 headset to concentrate on a lower-cost version, according to The Information.

Reallocating Resources

Initially, Apple was expected to split its Vision product line into two distinct models: a “Pro” version and a more affordable standard model. Over the past year, the company has been gradually reallocating resources away from the next Vision Pro headset, reducing the number of employees dedicated to the project.

Cost Reduction and Display Enhancements

The shift in focus first involved efforts to reduce the cost of components for the initial Vision Pro model and to develop an enhanced display for the next iteration. Now, Apple has reportedly informed at least one of its suppliers that it has halted work on the next-generation Vision Pro. However, the company continues to develop a more budget-friendly “Vision” device with fewer features.

Development of a Cheaper Vision Headset

Apple’s work on a less expensive Vision headset, codenamed “N109,” began in 2022. The goal for this model is to price it similarly to a high-end iPhone, which can cost up to $1,600. Despite aiming for a late 2024 release, the company has yet to finalize a prototype as of early this year. Apple has been grappling with the challenge of lowering the model’s cost without compromising too many features, making it likely that the release will be delayed past its revised target of late 2025.

Maintaining Premium Features

Apple aims to retain the premium display components of the Vision Pro in the cheaper model, despite these being among the most expensive parts. Previous reports from MacRumors indicated that the budget model would include the same high-quality displays as the Vision Pro but with fewer cameras, a simplified headband, and smaller speakers. Apple also plans to make this more affordable headset at least one-third lighter than the Vision Pro.

Supplier Adjustments and Production Forecasts

In May, one key supplier for Vision Pro components reduced its production by 50% after Apple forecasted weaker-than-expected demand. This supplier’s information suggests that Apple has produced fewer than 500,000 Vision Pro units this year, with no plans for significant increases in production through August.

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Vision Pro 2: Future Prospects

While The Information indicates that Apple might resume work on a second-generation Vision Pro headset in the future, for now, the company’s focus remains on developing a more cost-effective alternative.

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