Affordable Apple Vision Headset May Rely on Tethered iPhone or Mac

affordable apple vision

Apple might introduce an affordable version of its Apple Vision Pro headset by making it dependent on a tethered iPhone or Mac, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Redirecting Resources for a Cheaper Model

Recently, it was reported that Apple paused development on the second-generation Apple Vision Pro to concentrate on creating a more economical model. However, Gurman reveals that Apple had already redirected resources towards this goal even before the Vision Pro’s release. He has now shared additional insights into Apple’s strategy for developing a more affordable spatial computing device.

Prototype Details: The N107 Headset

In his latest Power On newsletter, Gurman discusses a prototype of the lower-cost headset, codenamed N107, which features a narrower field of view compared to the Vision Pro.

Tethering to Save Costs

Apple is also contemplating making this version more reliant on a tethered Mac or iPhone. “This approach would allow Apple to cut costs on processing power and components necessary for making the Vision Pro a standalone device,” Gurman explains.

Affordable Apple Vision: Launch Timeline and Challenges

Despite efforts to reduce costs, Apple is still grappling with maintaining essential features. If successful, Apple aims to launch the cheaper headset by the end of 2025. This plan has been in motion “since before the Vision Pro was unveiled last year,” Gurman notes.

Commitment to the High-End Market

Gurman also emphasizes that Apple remains committed to the premium headset market. While the second-generation Vision Pro, codenamed N109, is a lower priority, Apple is still progressing with its development. This new model is expected to resemble the current Vision Pro but with a faster processor and enhanced external cameras. Apple aims to release the Vision Pro 2 by late 2026 at the earliest.

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