What is Genmoji and How to Use It


Unveiled at WWDC 2024, Genmoji is set to be one of the standout features of iOS 18. This innovative tool, blending “generative AI” and “emoji,” allows users to create custom emojis based on their descriptions.

While iOS already boasts an extensive emoji library, sometimes it falls short of capturing specific expressions. Genmoji addresses this gap. By harnessing Apple Intelligence and on-device processing, iOS 18 will enable users to generate personalized emojis. But how exactly do you use Genmoji?

How to Use Genmoji in iOS 18

This is an exclusive feature for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. For those eager to learn how to use it, here’s a step-by-step guide based on current information:

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Select an existing thread or start a new message.
  3. Type your desired description in the text field. For instance, “A pink flamingo with tap-dancing shoes.”
  4. A “Create new emoji” prompt will appear.
  5. An ovular bubble will indicate the generation process of your Genmoji.
  6. Within a few seconds, you’ll see various iterations of your custom emoji.
  7. Swipe through the options and select “Insert” for the one you prefer.

Current Availability and Future Release

Although iOS 18 is currently available in a developer beta, Genmoji is not yet included in this version. Apple has indicated that this feature will be introduced in a future beta release over the summer. It’s expected to be part of the public beta rolling out in July.

The stable and final version of this feature is anticipated to launch in the fall, likely coinciding with the release of the iPhone 16 in September.


What is Genmoji?

Genmoji is a new feature in iOS 18 that uses generative AI to create custom emojis based on user descriptions.

Which devices support Genmoji?

This feature is available exclusively on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models.

How do I create a Genmoji?

To create a Genmoji, open the Messages app, start a new message or select an existing thread, and type your desired emoji description. Follow the prompts to generate and select your custom emoji.

When will Genmoji be available?

Genmoji is expected to be included in a public beta of iOS 18 in July, with the final version likely releasing in the fall alongside the iPhone 16.

Is Genmoji available in the current iOS 18 developer beta?

No, Genmoji is not yet available in the current iOS 18 developer beta.

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