macOS Sequoia Beta 2 Introduces iPhone Mirroring Support

iPhone Mirroring

Apple has rolled out the second developer beta of macOS Sequoia, introducing support for iPhone Mirroring—one of the key features set to enhance the Mac experience. It enables users to control their iPhone directly from their Mac.

Seamless iPhone Interaction on Mac

When both your Mac and iPhone are signed in with the same Apple ID, iPhone Mirroring allows you to interact with your iPhone even when it’s locked. This feature lets you open and use apps, manage notifications, send messages, and more—all from your Mac.

iPhone Mirroring: Enhanced Productivity and Convenience

Using your Mac’s keyboard, trackpad, or mouse with your iPhone is especially useful for tasks like typing lengthy emails or documents. It also simplifies the process of staying on top of iPhone notifications without needing to physically handle your phone. Clicking on a notification on your Mac will directly open the corresponding app on your iPhone.

Upcoming Features and Requirements

Although not yet active in this beta version, Apple plans to introduce drag-and-drop functionality for files, photos, and videos between the iPhone and Mac later in 2024. This capability will not be available when macOS Sequoia initially launches.

To utilize iPhone Mirroring, you need an iPhone running iOS 18 beta 2 and a Mac running macOS Sequoia beta 2. The feature can be accessed via the new iPhone Mirroring icon in the Dock. It is compatible with Macs equipped with an Apple silicon chip or a T2 Security Chip. Additionally, your devices must be in close proximity with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. Both need to be signed in with the same Apple ID with two-factor authentication activated. Note that iPhone Mirroring cannot be used concurrently with Sidecar or AirPlay.

Additional Beta Features

The second beta also introduces iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 support for remote control during SharePlay screen sharing. This functionality allows users to request permission to control another person’s device remotely, providing more efficient technical support.

iPhone Mirroring: Availability

Currently, the macOS Sequoia and iOS 18 betas are exclusive to developers. However, Apple plans to release a public beta in July, giving a broader audience the opportunity to test the new iPhone Mirroring feature ahead of its official release this fall.

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